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We have the capacity to offer our clients an in-depth knowledge of clothing manufacture, and the ability to identify and recommend the various styles, fabrics, print options and finishes that best suit their requirements.

In addition we have our own, in-house, clothing design team. Through this department we can offer bespoke designs that can accurately reflect your brand’s equity in a unique, interesting and eye-catching way.

In addition to our strong relationships with overseas suppliers, we also have close relationships with many of the largest premium garment stockists in the UK and Europe, including Fruit of The Loom and Gildan.

Not only do we enjoy preferential rates from these suppliers, but access to this local stock holding presents us with the opportunity to fulfil urgent and lower volume requirements.

All garments not already branded at source can be printed or embroidered at our embroidery and printing partner located near Bath, UK. This exclusive facility means that the turnaround on some projects can been under 7 days if necessary.

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