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The role that our design and development team perform is a vital one. Through this department we have the facility, in-house, to offer a wide range of studio and creative services.

These range from quick illustrations (‘scamps’) to give a better idea of how the potential products could appear.

Alternatively we can develop full colour visuals, technical drawings and even 3D animations giving a photo-realistic impression of a conceptual product.

Sometimes we can go even further, producing physical ‘mock-ups’ to further aid understanding of how a product or concept could be realised.

Our studio can also offer a range of facilities for production and modification of artwork ready for manufacture.

Our dedicated product designer has the skills necessary to take conceptual ideas and turn them into designs for entirely new functional, bespoke, products.

Our design team also evaluate all products that we produce and identify possible enhancements or options. In this way even ‘off the shelf’ products can often be customised to provide a point of differentiation.

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