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Olympicpromo can offer a wide range of loyalty and incentive schemes, tailored to fit your needs.

These schemes are typically web based - we provide a customised website loaded with a range of products. The selection of products varies from client to client: some will use it to offer bespoke or sourced premiums, more often we offer a wide range of highly desirable branded products including electrical goods, barbecue equipment and sports merchandise.

The process for ordering the goods is flexible too - whilst we can offer credit card or invoice payment facilities many clients prefer to run a ‘points’ scheme. In this staff or customers are awarded a number of points which they can then redeem a against a product reward of their choice. The products can appear on the website complete with the points required to obtain them. You decide the number of points a product is worth (usually on a value multiplier e.g. 1 = 10 points) and how many and often you issue points.

There is total flexibility over the scope, duration and mechanic of these schemes.


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