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We don’t restrict ourselves to a ‘product range’ - instead we source globally to supply pretty much anything (within reason!) that our clients require.The products we supply are frequently used as gifts-with-purchase, or in self liquidating promotions or as competition prizes. They include everything from t-shirts to golf tees, carrier bags to wash bags, televisions to telephones, bar-wear to Bar-B-Qs.

In short, if you know what you want, and it can be found, we can find it. If you don’t, we can provide a range of suggestions to fit any budget and target audience.

To do this, we would generally seek to gather some initial information from you such as:

Aims and objectives of the promotion or campaign.

The functional requirements for the product.

The environment in which it will be used.

The target market.

The length of the promotion.

Budgets, quantities and delivery dates.

We would then propose appropriate suggestions to meet those requirements, working with you to progressively refine these ideas into to a shortlist.

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