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Olympicpromo understands the importance of social and ethical considerations in today’s global market place. A member of Sedex, we work to our own social and ethical policy, based on the code of practice developed by the Ethical Trading Initiative.

In China we employ our own quality inspectors, giving us control of this vital aspect of the production process

Furthermore, through the independent testing houses, Bureau Veritas and Intertek Testing Services (ITS), we can offer a menu of inspection, testing and certification services, specially tailored to a particular product or requirements. These include a full range of social and ethical audits, up to and including SA8000 certification.

Bureau Veritas and ITS also advise Olympicpromo’s own quality control inspectorate on statutory legal and safety requirements.

Our processes and procedures are ISO 9001 accredited, and all products we supply guaranteed to be compliant with all mandatory legal and safety requirements, including the RoHS and WEEE directives.

All factories we use are fully audited prior to the placement of a first order, and are closely monitored throughout the production process through activities including raw material inspections, during production inspections and of course final random inspection to an industry standard AQL.

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