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Olympicpromo can offer a wide range of warehousing and logistics services, many of them more traditionally seen as the preserve of costly and inflexible handling houses.

Amongst the services on offer are:

Competitive storage rates

Full pick, pack & despatch capability

Option for online ordering or call-off, and live real-time stock availability

Kitting & Manipulation: We can produce kits of products combining items we have produced and items from third parties that our clients want included. Leveraging our control of our own logistics chain allows us to make a compelling and competitive offer

Over-branding: Many products, particularly clothing and other apparel, can be held in stock and then printed or embroidered as required. This is particularly useful as it means it is possible to get the benefits from economies of scale by purchasing plain stock in bulk, but still customise the items for a particular event, location or similar purpose.

Our flexibility and established relationships with a variety of partners means we are not limited to these services, and we would be happy to look at any specific activities with logistical requirements with a view to providing a bespoke, turn-key solution.

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